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분류별 Kelpom | 업데이트됨 2 years ago | Devices

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Rapid account: Kelpom
2 years ago

Hi everyone,

we’re planning on adding more features very soon to make our API the best IMEI checker available!

So, let us know if you have any suggestion on what should come next or to report any problems… We would love to hear from you 😃

Cheers, Kelpom

Rapid account: S 0 Alvx 6 L 1 C
s-0Alvx6l1c Commented a year ago

We should be able to get additional information like:

  1. Network Generation
  2. RAM
  3. Memory/Storage
  4. Image if the phone
Rapid account: Darklight 749 Jh Pzq 5 Tyi Ze
darklight749-jhPzq5TyiZe Commented 2 years ago

“message”:“You are not subscribed to this API.” error

Rapid account: Eytan 012
eytan012 Commented 2 years ago

Is there any way to enlarge the imei results?
such as device capacity, warranty, icloud on/off?

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