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Can we limit access by domain?

Rapid account: Admin M C Ba KP Zqw
hace un año


I’m conscious when using leaflet.js that anyone can see and steal the API key. Is there a way we can lock it down by domain to stop potential theft?


Rapid account: Marcushorndt
marcushorndt Commented hace 4 meses

Is there any improvement on that point yet? I still see difficulties when there is an open app anybody could use my API key.

Rapid account: Map Tiles Api
MapTilesApi Commented hace un año


unfortunately RapidAPI does not support the feature of locking an API key to a domain (referrer). And even that would not be 100% save as anyone could spoof a referrer. Nevertheless we never saw a stolen or misused API key so far. RapidAPI does support key rotation in case you would see any unusual requests (see ).

We’ve sent you some further options for more API key security by mail (should arrive in a few minutes).

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