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Deep Categorization is MeaningCloud’s solution for in-depth rule-based categorization. It assigns one or more categories to a text, using a very detailed rule-based language that allows you to identify very specific scenarios and patterns using a combination of morphological, semantic and text rules.

The flexibility of this rule language allows us to create models for scenarios where precision is not only necessary but key for a good analysis. Two of these scenarios are Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee. Both are characterized by needing to analyze free text written by the customer/employee in which he/she can address a number of themes in a number of ways, and the fact that some of these mentions may not appear very often, makes them no less important (which would be an issue with machine learning solutions). We also provide the most recent version of the Interactive Advertising Bureau taxonomy, IAB 2.0.


  • High flexibility and precision level.
  • Up to 20,000 requests per month.

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