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The story behind Galanthis’ development is a simple one, and if you’ve ever tried to incorporate API’s into Google Sheets, you’re probably familiar with it. Before Galanthis, you had three options, convert the data manually, run poorly performing Google App scripts, or subscribe to expensive third-party automation add-ons.

Galanthis operates with native Google Sheets functions like IMPORTDATA, you don’t need to install anything.

Zero hassle, it’s simple.

Video demo

Basic Example

> In this example, we’ll pull the public holidays for Argentina during 2021.
> Data provided by

We will use the following function in Google Sheets to achieve this.

Let’s break this down.

Google Sheets’ IMPORTDATA function allows us to pull CSV files directly into a Sheet via a URL ^1 is our API host, v1 the API version and transform the API endpoint that will convert JSON to CSV. From here, we pass the URL we want to convert ( to the url parameter, and finally your Galanthis RapidAPI Key ^2 via rapidapi-key

The Raw JSON from
Alt text

After Importing to Google Sheets via Galanthis
Alt text

There we have it, a super simple demonstration of Galanthis’ integration with Google Sheets. You can get started for free at

1: Learn more about Google Sheets’ IMPORTDATA function

2: Use RapidAPI Keys in URL