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<p>Amazon Price service offers different data sources that will be very useful for your business.
<p>Through our endpoint search we offer the possibility of searching Amazon products in any country by keyword returning a list of results ordered by relevance with a detail of each product found (image, price, link to the product among others)
<p>We also offer other utilities for the programmatic conversion of EAN or UPC to ASIN for later use in requests to our other data sources.
<p>We also store the price information of each product offering a detailed report on the maximum and minimum price of the product in the last period of time that can be very useful for your pricing strategy.</p>
<p>Available marketplaces for priceReport endpoint: US, CA, AU, GB, IT, ES, FR, JP, CN, DE</p>
<p>Available marketplaces for the rest of the endpoints: CA, MX, US, DE, ES, FR, GB, IN, IT, JP, CN</p>

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