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Endpoint not working?

Rapid account: Sulfuroussquares
год назад

I’m somewhat new to this site but attempted to test the endpoint using the default values and received the following response body:

“ERROR”:{1 item
"message":“src property must be a valid json object”

Rapid account: Thegr 8 Jj
Thegr8jj Commented 10 месяцев назад

I have this error also. I am querying about 800 stocks and about 112 of them are returning this error (14% error rate). Some examples (TICKERS) are: SVMK, GLUU, VVUS, HVS, WLTW, and more. Any solutions?

Rapid account: Benhalverson
benhalverson Commented год назад

I also have this error

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