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This API processes images and detects sexual content in them, marking the images as Safe For Work (SFW) or Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Examples API4AI Telegram Docs


This API provides visual content analysis and outputs data about the images: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or Safe For Work (SFW). It also gives the confidence percentage for each of the two classes.
NSFW can detect inappropriate content of various kinds. NSFW tag is responsible for such content as porn, hentai or more mild but explicit content that can be unsuitable for work and other public places.

This API is created by API4AI. We build our APIs on a completely cloud technology stack which provides full operability, scalability and stable uptime. Our sole goal is to create out-of-the-box self-contained AI solutions that can easily be integrated into any application with just a few simple steps.


Try our service via:
🤖 Telegram demo bot: https://t.me/a4a_nsfw_checker_bot
🔗 Web demo: https://api4.ai/apis/nsfw


Feel free to contact API4AI team if have any questions.
📩 Email: hello@api4.ai
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/a4a_support_bot
🔗 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/api4ai
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/api4ai
🔗 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/api4ai.solutions

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