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Error behaviour with the word "some"

Rapid account: Eikrapr 2002
3 वर्ष पहले

I was just learning to develop with some translation API’s, and found this API really generous in request allotment for translations.

However I encountered an odd behaviour with the word “some” and translation to portuguese.

It is currently failling with “some” to the language code pt-br.

Will continue testing other words to see if it occurs anywhere else.

Rapid account: Sibaridev
sibaridev Commented 2 वर्ष पहले

Hi !,

We developed a NEW RAPID MULTI TRANSLATE API that allow you translate multi texts in one fast query, wish help you improve response time and your service quality.

Request Example : [
	"Translate API",
	"Rapid Translate Multi Traduction"
Response Example : [
	"ما هى",
	"ترجمة API",
	"ترجمة سريعة متعددة Traduction"

We strive to give you the best, fast and cheaper results.

Thank you,

Rapid account: Flutterproapp
flutterproapp Commented 3 वर्ष पहले

Thanks for your feedback. We will check this error and report back to you later. Have a nice day!

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