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CoinMarketCap API

About CoinMarketCap APIs

CoinMarketCap is a popular price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and much more. It contains detailed data about derivatives, DeFI, storage, and exchanges as well. Also, it aggregates daily news articles, podcasts, and upcoming events about the cryptocurrency market.

The website, founded by Brandon Chez in May 2013, is now the world’s most-referenced source for tracking crypto prices and market data. Individuals, institutions, and the media alike use CoinMarketCap for comparing crypto assets. Even the U.S. government uses its data for research and reports.

Most recently, Binance Capital Mgmt acquired CoinMarketCap in April 2020, although there is no ownership relationship between the two companies. It will continue to run as an independent business entity.

What is the CoinMarketCap API?

Touted as the world’s cryptocurrency data authority, CoinMarketCap offers a professional API made for developers. It offers a powerful suite of flexible and accurate endpoints for cryptocurrency market data.

How does the CoinMarketCap API work?

To get a CoinMarketCap API key, a developer first has to sign up for a developer account. You can get started with a free account. Then you can get an API key and begin testing your application with the API.

Who are CoinMarketCap APIs for?

The company offers API plans for use cases ranging from demanding enterprise applications to startups and everything in between.

It offers API endpoints for every conceivable use case, including:

  1. Backtesting strategies
  2. Charting price data
  3. Comparing prices across exchanges
  4. Running models and experiments

CoinMarketCap has partners such as Money Button,, CryptoTax, CoinFi, and more that use their API daily.

Why is CoinMarketCap important?

CoinMarketCap provides unbiased, high quality, and accurate market data for cryptocurrencies, used by individuals, institutions, and governments. It’s the world’s most trusted source for cryptocurrency market data.

What can you expect from CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap offers high quality, accurate market data for cryptocurrencies for developers. They have robust documentation as well as best practices and a quick start guide to get started right away.

Are there examples of free CoinMarketCap APIs?

There is a free, basic plan for personal use with no subscription required. This plan limits the number of available endpoints for market data as well as the number of API calls per month. It does not offer historical data and only allows for personal use.

What are some CoinMarketCap alternatives?

If this isn’t the right API for you, there are plenty of CoinMarketCap alternatives to try out, including:

  1. CoinGecko
  2. WorldCoinIndex
  3. CryptoCompare

Best CoinMarketCap APIs

  1. ICOWatchList
  2. MineableCoins
  3. Crypto Asset Market Data Unified APIs for Professionals
  4. Alternative Me Crypto
  5. Nexchange
  6. Cryptocurrency
  7. Generate ERC20
  8. Cryptocurrency Token Presales

CoinMarketCap Alternative API SDKs

All CoinMarketCap Alternative APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

Just select your preference from any API endpoints page.

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