Top Email Validation and Verification APIs

List of the best email validation and verification APIs!

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Email Validation & Email Verification APIs

Although email usage dates back to the 1960s, it remains one of the most preferred and effective modes of communication. With many businesses making email marketing their primary means of generating traffic, improving engagement, and generating leads, the quality and validity of data have become essential for the success of marketing campaigns. According to research, up to 60% of all online visitors intentionally provide false or incorrectly typed email addresses when filling online forms or signing up to websites. This is where email validation & email verification comes in handy. But before we go any deeper, let’s understand what it entails.

What is Email Validation / Email Verification?

Email validation is a service that seeks to catch typos, whether they are misdirected or honest mistakes. This is achieved by ascertaining that the email is recorded in domains such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. On the other hand, email verification is a more sophisticated service that seeks to confirm that an email leads to an actual recipient. It verifies whether an inbox to a particular email has been in use or not.

Email validation & email verification brings many benefits to entrepreneurs hoping to generate leads for a bootstrap startup or companies who want to be 100% sure about the quality of their email leads. Some of the boons of email validation and email verification include preventing hard bounces and helping enterprises avoid their emails being marked as spam. It also allows businesses to avoid wasting money on non-existing email leads.

What is an Email Validation / Email Verification API?

An email validation/ email verification API is a type of API that is designed to automatically detect if email addresses are valid and help get rid of those that are fake, disposable, and mistyped. It is a tool that helps companies protect their reputation by ensuring that they verify and validate email addresses before sending a message. The email validation/verification process includes:

  • Checking for invalid formats
  • Catching and correcting misspelled emails
  • Ensuring that the emails are registered in their respective domains
  • Reporting how long an email has been active and when it was used last.
    Whether you’re a developer with an app that requires registration of new users or an enterprise with a massive mail list, email validation/ email verification APIs help you to verify the validity of your email addresses, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision. Each email that runs through the validation API is categorized based on its accuracy and relevance. And if the API suspects that an email is not authentic, it isolates it and instructs you to either remove the address or correct the errors.

How do you integrate the email validation API?

For you to detect and catch incorrect email addresses, you need to integrate validation APIs with your app or website. RapidAPI is considered the largest API market place on the internet, and it might be an excellent place to find the email validation/ verification API you’re looking for. Here is how to find and integrate RapidAPI email validation/verification API:

  1. Register for a Free RapidAPI Account
    If you don’t have an account with RapidAPI, the first thing you should do is to get one. Visit the RapidAPI website and click on the sign-up button.
  2. Select an Email Validation/verification API of Your Choice
    After signing up, you now need to locate the type of you want to use. We want the email validation API, so this is what we’ll type in the search bar. If you can’t find the API you wish to use, you can conduct advanced search and filtering. Once you find the API that befits your needs, you can move to the next step.
  3. Choose a Pricing Plan
    To be able to use your API, you need to subscribe to a payment plan that suits your needs. Most APIs have a basic free plan to get you started, but make sure you check the terms and conditions of each plan before deciding which one to use.
  4. Test the API
    Once you have selected a price plan, return to the Endpoints tab, and test your API. This is done by changing the input for the endpoint and making a request by hitting the “Test Endpoint” button. If you get a response to the request you made, you can be sure that API is up to the task.
  5. Integrate the Email Validation /Verification API into Your APP.
    Once you discover that your API is functional, it is time to integrate it into your app. You’ll need to navigate to the Request Snippet tab, select your programming language, and then copy the code snippet into your app. Then import the RapidAPI SDK and use it for all API the calls you want.

Best Email Validation APIs

Check out this collection of the best email validation APIs, including:

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