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Rapid account: Saba Shara 15
2 anni fa

“ERROR”:{1 item
"message":“src property must be a valid json object”

why says this error?

Rapid account: Gabrieadzimah 014 1 Maa D 4 SAJZ
gabrieadzimah014-1maa-d4SAJZ Commented 2 anni fa


Rapid account: D 7 Admin
d7admin Commented 2 anni fa

Dear Customer,

Thank you for checking D7 Verify on RapidAPI platform. Please add the API Token at the authorization section of D7Verify in RapidAPI with prefix “Token”.
Example: “Token 94c6bd3*******”

Also following the sample request body for send and verify otp:

  • For sending Add “Token YOURAPI_TOKEN” at the AUTHHEADER and use following request body


    "expiry": 900,
    "message": "Your otp code is {code}",
    "mobile": MOBILE_NUMBER_WITH_COUNTRY_PREFIX (example: +971562316353)
    "sender_id": "SMSInfo"

This will return an OTP_ID (ex:“otp_id”:“5e491b9e-fe31-4600-a058-051e13f33319”), and you can verify the OTP using the same.

  • For verification use the same AUTHHEADER and following request body
    "otp_code": "OTP_User_Input", (OTP Which is recieved on Mobile phone)
    "otp_id": "OTP_ID_WHICH_YOU_RECIEVED when making send otp request"


    "otp_code": "606603",
    "otp_id": "348218b6-5eef-425b-9800-8a0b689e7279"

Since the test credit on your account is low, we have added few more credits to continue the testing of our services. Please let us know if you need any help or clarifications.

You can also contact us on support@d7networks.com for billing as well as technical issues.

Thank you,
D7 Networks

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