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response 0 records

Rapid account: Sagarthakar
il y a 6 mois

hi datascraper,

most of the time the api returns 0 records as output, and it then shows results after we re-reun the api after few minutes.

this is causing severe issues at my end, please could you fix this? i am sure that i am not sending frequent and too many requests, but whenever i execute a search on api on a scale of 1-10, atleast 2-2 times results are returned as 0 when in reality results are there.

please fix this asap.

Rapid account: Datascraper
datascraper Commented il y a 6 mois

We’ll Look for this issue ASAP

Rapid account: Sagarthakar
sagarthakar Commented il y a 6 mois

datascraper where are you?

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