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Axios endpoint not working?

I was trying to use the sample code as shown on the article extraction, and while the test endpoint works, I cannot get the endpoint to work locally at all.

I get:

time_taken: 0.0007228851318359375,
msg: ‘validation error, incorrect data passed to the server’,
ok: false

Again, I’m using the sample code as shown, literally, with Node.js and Axios.

gaurmanojkumar530 commented 일 년 전

I am glad to know dreamreal@gmail.com that your issue has been solved. To everyone else please post only working and complete solutions.

dreamreal-FQaFytryf0 commented 일 년 전

Okay, thank you - you’re right, using a different approach worked through the issues. The code I used, BTW, looked like this, as generated verbatim by Postman but with data replaced with gibberish:

var axios = require('axios')
var FormData = require('form-data')
var data = new FormData()
data.append('language', 'english')
data.append('url', 'https://jlhagsdljghaskjhaksjdhgasd')

var config = {
  method: 'post',
  url: 'https://text-analysis12.p.rapidapi.com/article-extraction/api/v1.3',
  headers: {
    'X-RapidAPI-Host': 'text-analysis12.p.rapidapi.com',
    'X-RapidAPI-Key': 'lkjsldkjhalskdlakshdlakjhsdlkjahsd',
  data: data

  .then(function (response) {
  .catch(function (error) {

This code can be (and will be) optimized, but it works better than the sample code offered through RapidAPI.

gaurmanojkumar530 commented 일 년 전

The test code is auto-generated by RapidAPI. It is not correct always for all languages and frameworks. You can try postman’s auto code generation it does a better job sometimes. When you get “validation error” with 200 status code it means that everything works correctly on our end. Your client side code has not been formatted correctly.

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