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capitalization check at the beginning of a sentence.

Rapid account: Mohammadfahri 321
10 months ago

Hi, Can I disable capitalization check at the beginning of sentences while proofreading the text?

Rapid account: Grammarbot
grammarbot Commented 10 months ago

Thank you for your questions and comments. There are too many rules to manually disable all of them through the disabledRules parameter. It’s meant to be used sparingly, and it is undocumented because it’s not something that we want customers to rely on. We only mention it in cases where someone asks specifically for this functionality.

Most of our efforts have focused on the next generation neural network grammar checker here:

While we still support the original GrammarBot service, we are primarily improving and documenting the newer service.


Rapid account: Mholubowski
mholubowski Commented 10 months ago

Hi, is there a list of all the rules? We need to disable all the rules except for spelling. Is this doable?

Furthermore, where is this disabledRules documented? If you could point us to proper documentation then we could answer our own questions and then potentially become a large customer. Thank you!

Rapid account: Grammarbot
grammarbot Commented 10 months ago

You can disable rules by adding them to the “disabledRules” parameter in your request (as you currently do with ‘language’ and ‘text’). The value will be one or more rule ids separated by commas. For this example it would be:


Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else.
Kind regards,
GrammarBot Staff

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