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Question about source

Rapid account: Irahgis
hace 2 años


I made a test request with a random domain name.
Result is 75 for Domain authority with your api.
54 with ahref and 40 with semrush.
So, I think the problem is clear.
Who trust ?

Thanks for reading

Rapid account: Ajmsdev
ajmsdev Commented hace 3 meses

It doesn’t look reliable if your results are not verifiable. Maybe you are just returning random results???

Rapid account: Hassan Cs 91
hassan.cs91 Commented hace 2 años

Hi Friend 😃
When it comes to SEO metrics, we have several factors that determines final results in case of Keyword Difficutly, Domain Authority, and Page Ranks, as each service uses its own crawlers, data, and formulas. so we can’t say that this service is better than that. it all about data and how it is analyzed.

what domain you tested?

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