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Site Metadata provides a complete available metadata in any given URL.
The API returns metadata like title, description, favicon, author, Twitter meta, Open Graph meta, or any other available meta for the given website.

Save plenty of your time by using this API to fetch all basic website meta information like title, description, favicon, open graph meta, twitter meta, etc…

Site Metadata is the fastest and easiest way to get Meta & Open Graph ( ) information from websites.

Since our API is very straightforward and REST-based you can use any HTTP client library to work with our service.

Why we’ve built this API?

Recently we’ve launched a product called Lynkmark - The simplest cloud-based Bookmarking tool. We’ve used this API to fetch basic meta-information from the website whenever a user adds any URL. We found it very useful & decided to build this as an API service for developers like you. Hope you find it useful.

If you still have questions or suggestions send an email to

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