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Duplicate Comments from Posts Endpoint

Rapid account: Dunga
3 months ago


I have been using the posts endpoint to download comments for a long time.

Recently I started to notice that a lot of times I’m getting the same comments in my requests, and I’m 100% sure I’m using the pagination correctly. For example, for different end cursors I get 10 new comments and 40 that were already in one of the previous requests. This happens with any post I have tried this week.

I’d appreciate some help as currently I can’t work with the API with such a problem…

Rapid account: Dunga
Dunga Commented 2 months ago

Still doesn’t work

Rapid account: Dunga
Dunga Commented 3 months ago

Tried it now, same problems in the new endpoint in different posts

Rapid account: Logicbuilder
logicbuilder Commented 3 months ago

Hello. I have added new endpoint Comments V2 , please use it, it return more accurate data. Thank You

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