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Stock, Ticker, Security and Company Search database 개요

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  • Quickly look-up details about a ticker or search stock symbol for a company in various exchanges.

  • Check if Companies or ticker listed in S&P 500

The database is updated on daily basis.

List of currently supported exchanges:

AMEX American Stock Exchange
BATS Better Alternative Trading System
ASX Australian Stock Exchange
BSE Bombay Stock Exchange
HKEX Hong Kong Stock Exchange
LSE London Stock Exchange
MLSE Milan Stock Exchange
MSE Madrid Stock Exchange
NSE National Stock Exchange of India
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
NZX New Zealand Stock Exchange
SGX Singapore Stock Exchange
TSX Toronto Stock Exchange
TSXV Vancouver Stock Exchange

Future release features:

  • Historical Security Price and Volume information.
  • Mutual Funds look-up/search will be added. [Based on demand]

Feedback and feature request are welcome

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