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Is this still active? Getting 404 Not Found code when signing up..

Rapid account: Jskogsta
3 years ago

Just trying to follow https://rapidapi.com/blog/how-to-use-an-api-with-php/ , but signup does not seem to work. 😉

Rapid account: Pereiradam Y Z En Rxdn XI
pereiradam-y-ZEnRxdnXI Commented 2 years ago

it’s working

Rapid account: Lordkada 1
lordkada1 Commented 3 years ago

Yes, it is working.
First of all, thank you. I wasn’t aware of that RapidAPI blog post 😃
I am not a PHP programmer, so I can’t help you in deep detail, but you may experience a 404 because you’re not providing all the requested headers (eg. “content-type”: “application/json”).
You can test the endpoint quite easily here: https://rapidapi.com/lordkada1/api/kvstore?endpoint=55852764e4b095ed24aeb034
Let me know if it works.
My best,

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