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API gives back 503

Rapid account: Matyasheins
2 years ago

{“status”:“fail”,“message”:“Not expected status found: 302 loc:",“errors”:[{"":"Not expected status found: 302 loc:”}]}

Rapid account: Neotank
neotank Commented 2 years ago

The API stability depends mostly on IG policies, and they change stuff on their side and break stuff randomly for recent months. Now the API works fine. Thank you for your patience.

Rapid account: Ceejayc 7
ceejayc7 Commented 2 years ago


Rapid account: Nick Hb 96 A N 3 Gd
nick-Hb96aN3Gd Commented 2 years ago

😦 +1

Rapid account: Kloutmac 1
kloutmac1 Commented 2 years ago

this is happening for us as well. any fixes expected?

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