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Basic, Standard and Advanced APIs

Each API level builds upon the capabilities of the previous one. For example, the Standard API includes all of the locale and formatting information from the Basic API and returns extra data about the type of number, whether it is ported and the identity of the caller (US only). The Advanced API provides the most comprehensive data. It includes everything that is available in the Basic and Standard APIs and adds roaming and reachability information.

Typical use cases

  • Basic API: Discovering which country a number belongs to and using the information to format the number correctly.
  • Standard API: Determining whether the number is a landline or mobile number (to choose between voice and SMS contact) and blocking virtual numbers.
  • Advanced API: Ascertaining the risk associated with a number.

Feature Comparision

Number format and origin - Basic, Standard and Advanced
Network type - Standard and Advanced
Carrier and country - Standard and Advanced
Ported - Advanced only
IP match - Advanced only
Validity - Advanced only
Reachability (not available in the US) - Advanced only
Roaming status - Advanced only
Roaming carrier and country - Advanced only
US number caller name and type - Standard and Advanced

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