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The Verify API allows you to send a PIN by SMS and phone to prove a user can be contacted at a specific phone number.

This is useful for:

  1. Spam protection - prevent spammers from mass-creating new accounts (etc.)
  2. Hack protection - if you detect suspicious or significant activities, validate that the person using a phone number owns it
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Reaching users - ensuring you have the correct phone number makes it easy to contact users when you need to

By default, the PIN is first sent via text message (SMS). If there is no reply the Verify API will then try a voice call using text-to-speech (TTS).

How many credits does a Verify request cost?

Recipient Country Code (ISO2) Credit Cost Per Verification Sent USD Cost Per Verification Sent
All Others 1205 $0.1205
US 361 $0.0361
IN 361 $0.0361

Status Codes

Values Status Code Text Description
0 Success The request was successfully accepted by Nexmo.
1 Throttled You are trying to send more than the maximum of 30 requests per second.
2 Your request is incomplete and missing the mandatory parameter: $parameter The stated parameter is missing.
3 Invalid value for parameter: $parameter Invalid value for parameter. If you see Facility not allowed in the error text, check that you are using the correct Base URL in your request.
4 Invalid credentials were provided The supplied API key or secret in the request is either invalid or disabled.
5 Internal Error An error occurred processing this request in the Cloud Communications Platform.
6 The Nexmo platform was unable to process this message for the following reason: $reason The request could not be routed.
7 The number you are trying to verify is blacklisted for verification
8 The api_key you supplied is for an account that has been barred from submitting messages
9 Partner quota exceeded Your account does not have sufficient credit to process this request.
10 Concurrent verifications to the same number are not allowed
15 The destination number is not in a supported network The request has been rejected.
16 The code inserted does not match the expected value
17 The wrong code was provided too many times You can run Verify Check on a request_id up to three times unless a new PIN code is generated. If you check a request more than 3 times, it is set to FAILED and you cannot check it again.
18 Too many request_ids provided You added more than the maximum of 10 request_ids to your request.
19 No more events are left to execute for the request
101 No request found There are no matching Verify requests.
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