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insufficient Czech dictionary?

2년 전

I tried the API with basic Czech words and the response was empty. I am OK with the response being in German.

brát : got response ,
nabrat : empty ,
vypustit : [] ,
opustit : empty

petapro commented 2년 전

Thanks for testing the API.
Actually, the Czech word “opustit” has two translations in the result.

The words “nabrat” and “vypustit” are not listed in our Czech-German dictionary, however. The dictionary currently has 66,000 entries. We’re working to add more entries.

petapro commented 2년 전

We have added 10,000 entries to the Czech-German dictionary - it now contains over 76,000 entries (including “nabrat” and “vypustit”).

There’s also a new feature: bilingual example sentences. The Czech-German dictionary contains now up to 20 example sentence pairs for over 63,000 entries.

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