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uploadImage API usage

7달 전

Norbert, hi -

Our use case is a QR code with a customer logo inserted. So we are relying on both the uploadImage and custom QR APIs. It all works fine.

The logo may change but not often. We found that we can re-use the object URL (eg- “f2bf0c09b17cb9760d59cd7fda61813f5e4c9cbd.png” for a particular logo uploaded previously and avoid calling the uploadImage API ever time we need a new QR code.

We also noticed that if we call uploadImage API repeatedly with the same image, the object URL returned is the same each time. This leads me to two questions:

  1. Are we incrementing the billing object for each call to POST uploadImage, even if the URL returned is the same?

  2. If so, is there any way for us to test whether we really need to call uploadImage. For example, can we detect whether the object URL (eg- “f2bf0c09b17cb9760d59cd7fda61813f5e4c9cbd.png” is valid and still exists on the server?

mgoulet-mLTbzWlQpcZ commented 7달 전


qrcode-monkey commented 6달 전


sorry for the delay (I was on vacation). To your questions:

  1. Every request will be counted by RapidAPI, so in case you want to save requests you need to save the object URL on your side
  2. There is no real way to test if the object still exists currently. I can tell you that we keep the images at least for one day depending on how many uploads we get. We also recommend to use a third party image URL for the API to be on the save side and save requests.

Best regards

wmclaxton commented 6달 전

Noted, thanks @qrcode-monkey.

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