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Pagination error in hashtag media

Rapid account: Lucanewchapter

I got this error from instagram/hashtag/get_media API when using pagination:
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “Client Error”

Below are the details of the API Call:
Time: 09-13-2023 03:47:38 UTC
Request Body:
{“name”: “\u725b\u4ed4\u8932”, “max_id”: “QVFEa0dieGtwcUpyNWRXN3JVWGlMZ3JuTWFBMTl6dm5Dd2g2QWZMcTVTV1djT2R5RDRPUU5aM1dUZHU1MlpFZ0Vlc2UxbUJmeXYwNXprWTNXejlXSlctXw”, “page”: 19}

Can you help take a look and check the error ? Thanks.

Rapid account: Lucanewchapter
lucanewchapter Commented 6달 전

Hello ! Yes, page is from response.body.next_page while max_id is from response.body.next_max_id. Pagination works for first 18 pages until the 19th page.

Thank you.

Rapid account: Rocketapi
rocketapi Commented 6달 전

Hi lucanewchapter!

Did you input the max_id and page parameters into the API the right way? I went through 20 pages using this hashtag and didn’t run into any issues.

Thank you

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