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html tags in translated text

3년 전

how to preserve HTML tags in the translated text?

sentimentanalytics commented 3년 전

It currently doesnt preserve tags, and other special markings, I can look into updating the API to handle it, It is mainly is used to translate documents, and text and return it to your desired language. Are you looking to have it return the tag in the original spot and translate the text between the tags?

Salasfoor commented 3년 전

Yes this is what I want. I am trying to use it for translating web content.

sentimentanalytics commented 3년 전

Hi thank you for your patience, we have completed development of HTML translation, currently it only supports URL. We are still working on development of text translations directly with our API. Currently you may pass in tags you wish to preserve, and will default to “p” tags.

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