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README, a Google partner, is the API for instant pronunciation scoring and translation. 40 supported languages and 80 AI voices are supported. Provide your users instant feedback on their pronunciation and reading speed, as well as the option to translate into any supported language!

The API offers:

  • Overall (per recording) pronunciation scoring of recordings up to 90 seconds;
  • Word-level (per word) pronunciation scoring: A pronunciation score for each word;
  • You can choose the scoring scale (e.g., 0-90 points);
  • Reading speed evaluation: Feedback on the user’s reading speed for each word;
  • Instant voice generation: Users can listen to a post while practicing. You can choose from 80 voices representing 40 languages;
  • Translate any post into any of the supported languages;
  • Metadata helps the users track their progress and build a user profile for data-driven suggestions.

All you need to provide is:

  • A short text (post) of up to 1,000 characters;
  • The URL for the audio file of the recording.

Live demo application using the API:


Please use one of the following links for comprehensive API docs:

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