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NBA Props endpoint not working

Rapid account: Pferreira 8
il y a 4 mois

I am curious if I am doing something wrong
Here is the url I use with python requests for Celtics Mavs (game on 3/1)

The api key is passed in the headers
Here is the response from the server
Endpoint ‘/v4/sports/basketball_nba/events/d9b1f16402c3cf1593bdbe0e2c96856e/odds’ does not exist

Rapid account: Pferreira 8
pferreira8 Commented il y a 4 mois

great to know, thank you

Rapid account: Theoddsapi
theoddsapi Commented il y a 4 mois

Thanks for reaching out.

The event-odds endpoint is only available from our website API, and is not supported on RapidAPI at this time,

An API call will be the same as your example, but with a different host:

The API key will also need to be obtained from our website.

Also note this endpoint will return a 404 if the game has expired or is not currently showing odds.

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