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Storing Reverse Geocoding results in our database

Rapid account: Krishnapatwa
vor 3 Monaten

I’m interested in exploring the possibility of storing Reverse Geocoding results in our database. Could you provide information on whether this is permissible and, if so, what the limitations are regarding the duration for which we can retain this data? Additionally, I would appreciate a comprehensive overview of the licensing details associated with Reverse Geocoding.

Rapid account: Trueway
trueway Commented vor 3 Monaten

Thank you for reaching out regarding the storage of Geocoding results. We appreciate your interest in our services.

In response to your question, please be aware that the storage of Geocoding results is not allowed with our free “Basic” plan. However, there are no restrictions on caching and storing API results for users with any paid plans.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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