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URI too large error

2 years ago

what causes this error?
414 Request-URI Too Large

twinword commented 2 years ago

Hi prabin.mpercept,

It looks like you might be using the HTTP GET method where the texts you’re comparing are placed in the query string of the URL.

Here is an example of text1 and text2 inside the URL of a GET request:



When the text is large, this will make the URL too long, thus giving you this specific error.


Instead, you can try using an HTTP POST method instead. This would put the texts you’re comparing into the body of the HTTP request and leaving your URL with just the endpoint.

This will make your POST request URL just the following:


In the texts you’re comparing in the body of the POST request:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

Team Twinword

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