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Disney+ content IDs seem wrong

Rapid account: Joshdotai
एक वर्ष पहले

Hello Ben,

We found two movies that have the shorter movie ID and not the longer play ID that is usually present.

Raya and the Last Dragon needs 13edb5c7-6347-48e4-84db-53477c34da62 for content ID in the “url” field.

Spidey and his Amazing Friends needs 35bbef36-0984-4a63-a148-7950020a94e8 for content ID in the “url” field.

Almost all other Disney+ contend IDs that I have looked for are correct and thank you for that!

Let us know when you can help us with these two.


Rapid account: Utelly
utelly Commented एक वर्ष पहले

Hi Josh,

As far as I can make out this is a valid link. Or am I missing something?

I have checked the underlying metadata and we do have the format you’re after but the challenge is selecting it. We do not have any business logic to determine which is selected for the light-weight /lookup response and it doesn’t feel like the correct place to do this. If getting this ID is important then maybe we should discuss alternative integration options.

Let me know,


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