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Intermittent errors


Getting a lot of errors in the past week, intermittent ones. Like tried to get profile info 5 times and got 4 fails on the same username until we got the results.

Can you please check?

cryptoforbee-vjjXtMZj8V commented 8달 전

Unfortunately, I also have a lot of errors due to blocking proxy data, maybe someone will recommend some better proxies?

info-m8Se5i-Kk commented 8달 전

Sorry, but It can’t be what you describe. While Instagram does have intermittent issues, this is more related to probably your IPs/Proxies being blocked.

Right now your system is responding 503 for every single call, while Instagram works perfectly and has no outages reports on 3rd party services.

itsjinx commented 8달 전

I have noticed the same thing. 😦

v.sobolev commented 8달 전

Hello! this is the way how Instagram works unfortunately. Other day it can return 5XX error randomly on any endpoint. This API just retranslate Instagram responses as is.
This is unfixable.

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