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Not working today?


Anyone here?
The API is not working?

v.sobolev commented 한 달 전

Instagram API is hard to support and update in realtime. We working on it.

bilabspiderbot commented 7달 전

Thank you for the response, it’s fixed today, thank you.

v.sobolev commented 7달 전

Hello! Sorry to hear about your recent experience.
You can request a refund via Rapid API support any time for specific period of time if you want. Instagram API not stable these days and it was amplified with our infrastructure fault to critical level last day. Also its recommended to add some throttle mechanism in your API integration to avoid any serious quota losses.

bilabspiderbot commented 7달 전

I found the data format is different from other providers, that means I have to rewrite my codes to receive the data.
Hope the provider can respond this.

itsjinx commented 7달 전

Not working for me either. time to find another API provider!

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