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request number issue

Rapid account: Devinstagram
5 mesi fa

I’m using the top profile with this api , i registered it when the offer was for 10k calls/day.
now we are experiencing serious issues in consuming this service, also using the sandbox tool proposed here.
Most of the times we receive an empty response calling profile and hashtag api but i noticed that , changing the account used from premium to BASIC , everything seems to works just fine.
Please consider that we are using no more than 500 calls /day out of our quota at the moment.
We really like how your system works but this issue has to be fixed or we will be forced to switch to other API in order to maintain continuity to out services.

Rapid account: Yuananf
yuananf Commented 5 mesi fa

Sorry for the long delay, I was trying hard to make it stable. Should be better now.

Rapid account: Devinstagram
devinstagram Commented 5 mesi fa


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