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The Kompili Soccer Linemaker enables all users to produce accurate markets both pre-match and in-play based on their own small number of base compiled inputs such as 1x2, goal expectancy and current score.
Ideal for serious users looking for a new tool for betting, trading and gambling. Use on betting exchanges like betfair and against bookmakers.

Soccer v1.0 is the first release of the Kompili Soccer Linemaker. Further tiered plans, improved latency, new markets, new sports will be available in upcoming releases.

This API returns soccer derivative markets via our proprietary algorithm without third party integrations, charts or approximations.

The driving parameters for this API are the key values from 1X2 and goal expectancy.  Current score is also required if looking to update derivative markets in-play.

Please note that Sum(homepr, awaypr, drawpr) must be equal to 1

<p>You may receive an error message in the response, it may be due to:</p>

<p>Account Suspended</p>

<p>Invalid / missing authentication key</p>

<p>Invalid / missing endpoint</p>

<p>Invalid / missing parameter</p>

For full documentation, please visit https://kompili.com/api/soccer-example/soccer-documentation/

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