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How to use LCAT V3 for Open-Ended/Free Flowing Spoken (Pronunciation) Assessment

Google’s Speech Recognition combined with LCAT API for open-ended assessment

  1. Create a Google service account and enable “Google Speech To Text API”.
  2. If you don’t have a service account, please follow the steps to create one
  3. As LCAT API V3 now accepts audio of 45 seconds duration, any audio less than 45 seconds can be passed straight to “Google Speech To Text API” to get the transcript.
  4. Once transcript is obtained, that content needs to be passed to “LCAT API” along with the audio to get the result, as per a normal API call.
  5. If the audio is above 45 seconds, it needs to be divided into smaller audio chunks that are less than 45s. If you require further assistance, contact us.
  6. Each audio chunk then should be passed to “Google Speech To Text” to get its transcript.
  7. Once transcripts are obtained, each audio chunk should be passed to LCAT API along with its corresponding transcript, as in step #4.
  8. Each chunk score obtained from LCAT API should be added up and divided by the number of chunks to get the average score.
  9. You can use the repository here to cut the audio as needed.