Recognition of counter data

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Recognition of counter data Overview

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The neural network was trained on the example of more than 200 meter manufacturers from twenty different countries.
API allows to recognize serial numbers and readings of water, gas, heat and electricity meters.
The neural network successfully recognizes both mechanical and liquid crystal counters.The neural network also recognizes handwritten serial numbers.
The API can connect to mobile applications, websites, bots and servers.
It can be used to provide services for the recognition of meter readings and entering information into databases, CRM and billing service providers.

The Create user request is needed to register contact information, by which it will be possible to identify your requests in the future and quickly provide support for possible questions.

You need to execute this query once and get the UID that is used in the Recognition Image query.

The main request provides for recognition of two main fields on the counter photo:

  • meter reading;
  • serial number of the device.

In this request, you must provide us with your UID from the first request and a photograph of the device.

The picture should be as close as possible to the meter circumference.
The request processes photos up to 12 megabytes.
The frequency of requests is currently not limited, but with increasing load it can be reviewed.

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