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Verify & validate email addresses in bulk. Clean email marketing lists and prevent bounces. API Documentation: https://verify.dk-dev.leadbook.com/v1/documentation

Use Leadbook’s email verification API to increase your email marketing reach out. Remove invalid email addresses from your list using our reliable email verification system to prevent email bounces.

Verify & validate multiple emails in one request. 1 credit per unique email.

Bounce rate is reduced to <10%.

1. Email Verification

Test deliverability of any email address and see if it bounces.

2. Batch API

Upload a list of email addresses and check back anytime for the verification results.

3. No sending of emails

We do not send test emails to any email addresses in your list. The verification is done with mail server protocols.

4. Detect catchall and greylisted emails

We detect email domains that are catchall or have enabled greylisting settings. Our email validation & verification accuracy is on-par with state-of-the-art commercial services like MV or NB.

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