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Lemonwhale API Documentation

Lemonwhale Cloud Video securely delivers the highest quality on-demand and live video experiences to reach your audience—no matter where they are. We simplify delivery to an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and standards across the online devices, such a web mobile and tablets. Lemonwhale API allows you to connect your application to Lemonwhales video system without having to use the web interface.

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Public Video
GETGet Progress
GETGet Video
GETPublic List Videos for Site
GETPublic Toplist Videos for Site
Public Live
GETGet Liveshows for Site
GETGet Liveshow
Public Categories
GETList Categories for Site
GETGet Video

Returns data for a single video that is publicly accessible (published=true and a publish date that have passed). If the requested video isn't publicly accessible it will return a 404. This request it's possible to use JSONP responses by using the callback-parameter.

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