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Not working

Rapid account: Vikramsamak
2 years ago

i got this error message :
{“message”: “API Request failed due to Provider configuration error: The API response body transformation failed to parse content-type application/json. Please contact the API Provider”,“info”: “Your Client (working) —> Gateway (working) —> API (not working)”}

Rapid account: Stevp L Lo 3 DM Wx 6 Rg
stevp-LLo3DMWx6rg Commented 2 years ago

I may be a little late to the discussion, but adding the x-rapidapi-ua: RapidAPI-Playground header will fix your problem.

Rapid account: JZBOSS 3
JZBOSS3 Commented 2 years ago

Me too I am getting this error. And it is working completely fine on the website.

Rapid account: Aosp Remixer
AospRemixer Commented 2 years ago

I am getting the same error. I wonder why it is working on this website though.

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