Service Security Monitoring and Validation
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Service Security Monitoring and Validation API Documentation

Multiple in-depth checks related to TLS configuration, certificates and other aspects of domain security configuration. The API can perform MTA-STS (RFC-8461) and SMTP TLS Reporting (RFC-8460) configuration validation. Checks use DNSSEC-validating resolvers and include these results in the diagnostics exposed in the results.

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GETRFC-8460/RFC-8461 TLSRPT and MTA-STS domain validation
GETTLS Certificate and Chain Check
GETRFC-8460/RFC-8461 TLSRPT and MTA-STS domain validation

This endpoints validates the MTA-STS configuration of a domain name, optionally checking MX server support of STARTTLS and its certificates for compliance with the policy. A number of validations rules and checks are performed, with results returned in human-readable form suitable for display, within a JSON structure. TLSRPT configuration is also reviewed, to ensure that domain implementing MTA-STS are able to receive reports related to TLS session setup from compliant senders. All name resolution is done through DNSSEC-validating resolvers, with results indicating whether DNSSEC was available.

Header Parameters
REQUIREDContent-Type expected by the client. Application/json is recommended.
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe domain name to check. Must be a valid, resolvable domain name.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALWhen this parameter is set to true, the endpoint will attempt STARTTLS on up to the 10 best MX servers for the domain name. The TLS session and certificates are validated for compliance with the publishes MTA-STS policy.
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