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Linguakit - Natural Language Processing in the cloud API Documentation

Linguakit API (formerly CilenisAPI) helps you to analyze and extract information from texts. Add language technology to your software in a few minutes using our cloud solution. We offer you technology based on years of research in Natural Language Processing in a very easy and scalable SaaS model trough a RESTful API.

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Text mining
GETKeyword Extractor
GETLanguage Identifier
GETMultiword extractor
GETNamed Entity Recognizer
GETSentiment Analyzer
GETWeb Text Extractor
Linguistic Analysis
GETPart of Speech Tagger
GETSyntactic analyzer
GETVerb Conjugator
GETTriples Extractor
GETKeyword Extractor

It extracts the most relevant words from a text and ranks them according to their degree of relevance. For Spanish, English, Galician, and Portuguese.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe input text for the module. This module will process the text you introduce in this field
REQUIREDLanguage in wich the text is written. Codes: en - english, es - spanish, pt - portuguese and gl - galician. Use: en, es, pt or gl
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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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