Linguakit - Natural Language Processing in the cloud

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jschweitzera year ago
We need urgent solution.Dear, The end-point does not work, it's all down. Is this service bad? We need urgent solution.
linguakita year ago
Hello, We are happy to say the service is back, sorry again for the inconvenience. Linguakit team
linguakita year ago
Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience. You are right, we have moved to a new infrastructure and something is going wrong, we will solved it asap. We apologize
jschweitzera year ago
Dear, They offer a service in production, where they also charge per transaction, which apparently does not even have support. It really is very risky the service they offer, at this moment everything is down. It is advertising deceit and this is harshly sanctioned by the laws in our country. Please solve the problem, Atte, JS
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Install SDK for NodeJS


To utilize unirest for node.js install the the npm module:

$ npm install unirest

After installing the npm package you can now start simplifying requests like so:

var unirest = require('unirest');

Creating Request

.header("X-RapidAPI-Host", "")
.header("X-RapidAPI-Key", "SIGN-UP-FOR-KEY")
.end(function (result) {
  console.log(result.status, result.headers, result.body);
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