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Easily scrape data from websites

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Turn websites into structured data

Collect data from websites for research, marketing, competitor analysis, lead generation and much more.

Find the full documentation here:

Extract any kind of data

Just a few examples:
-Geo Coordinates
-Social Media Profiles
-Mobile Apps
-and much more…

Why link.fish API?

Web parsing can be a very painful task. Even in the best case, and a website uses Schema.org it is still not easily usable. The reason is that it is not just possible to embed in different ways, it is often implemented partly wrong. Even if everything is correct, the data is still not easily machine usable, because, values are for example in different formats or ranges.

For that reason does link.fish automatically clean up the data by fixing issues, normalizing it
and bringing it into an easy machine-readable format.

Additionally, do we have a growing collection of custom parsers for websites and website independent parsers for specific data like geo coordinates, social media profiles, and apps which get constantly extended and improved.

On top is it easy to create new parsers with our parser creator and scaling is a none issue.

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