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ListenNotes API Documentation

Podcast search, directory, and recommendation API. Note: We are retiring this version of API (v1) from RapidAPI. Please use the latest version v2 at https://www.listennotes.com/api/

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Search API
GETFull-text Search
Directory API
GETFetch meta data for a podcast by id
GETFetch meta data for an episode by id
GETFetch a list of podcast genres
GETFetch a list of supported languages for podcasts
GETFetch a list of best podcasts by genre
GETFetch a list of supported countries/regions for best podcasts
GETFetch recommendations for a podcast
GETFetch recommendations for an episode
POSTBatch fetch basic meta data for episodes
POSTBatch fetch basic meta data for podcasts
GETFetch a random podcast episode
GETFetch a curated list of podcasts by id
GETFetch curated lists of podcasts
GETFetch curated lists of podcasts

A bunch of curated lists from online media. For each list, you'll get basic info of up to 5 podcasts. To get detailed meta data of all podcasts in a specific list, you need to use /api/v1/curated_podcasts/{id}. We constantly add new curated lists to the database.

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