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URL Expander Overview

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For any URL, the API Returns:

  • Real Target URL.
  • If dead or alive.
  • Response time in ms.

Handles URLs from social media as well which doesn’t have protocols such as “http://”

Use this to test for spam/dead URLs in the text or simply confirm if all your URLs are still alive or compare how fast the URLs are

Bring just any shortened URL up to 3 levels deep, this API will return

  1. The target URL if you provide a shortened URL
  2. Whether the target URL is alive or not.

One good use of API can be to detect and remove all the dead/old URLs.
This API can handle Twitter shortened URLs as well. So, you can use it in text analysis.

Example of multi-level shortening: t.co/sjflsfd > bit.ly/jkwls > example.com/final_expanded_url
Note: Since the API looks for URL shortening at multiple levels, the response will be a little slow if the target URL is slower to load. There is a way to speed up response (lower than 200ms) by ignoring looking at multiple levels deep.

Please report any issue or feedback about the API to api@logicione.com

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