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LokDon ECSMID V 1.0.0 API Documentation

LokDon APIs are one of a kind built from LokDon ECSMID V 1.0.0, SDK, a next generation Cybersecurity and privacy control layer 1 (foundational) software packaged as a robust, fast, low-cost, security module as a software service (SMaaSS) using patented key less and platform-agnostic authentication to protection information. This is based on a latice face key less infrastructure (LFKI). It has a base matrix of 2048 bits: Which means that its move could be over 10 times the capacity of AES and RSA combined. We use the symmetric properties as a stream cipher to encrypt information and the assymetric property to complement exchange following any secure protocol. These dual properties serves as a quantum resistant cryptography for encryption and decryption of data. The assymetric properties are also used as intermediate representation for communication exchange objects. No key is moved from point A to point B. This means that all entities requiring authentication no longer have to move, reuse, store and manage keys.

Our APIs are ready for your consumption:

  1. Encrypt/Decrypt PIN or Encrypt/Decrypt OTP
  2. Encrypt/Decrypt Password
  3. Encrypt/Decrypt File
  4. Encrypt/Decrypt Generic text or Encrypt/Decrypt BTC/ETH/BUSD wallet private key

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