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Search news - with code
Gain access to news articles from over 9,200 news sources (and growing each day) from across the web with our JSON REST API.

Lumin8ai’s News API is an easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for current and historic news articles published by over 9,200 worldwide sources.

It can help you answer questions like:

What top stories appear on the New York Times now?
Which articles were published about the new James Bond movie?

You can search for articles with any combination of the following criteria:

Keyword or phrase. Eg: find all articles containing the word ‘Apple’.
Date published. Eg: find all articles published yesterday.
Language. Eg: find all articles written in English.
Category: Eg:
Business News (category search slug: business-news)
Entertainment/Celebrity News (category search slug: entertainment-news)
Sports News (category search slug: sports-news)
Technology News (category search slug: technology-news)
Science News (category search slug: science-news)
Local News (category search slug: locality-local-news)

You’ll need an API key to use our API - this is a unique key that identifies your requests. They’re free while you’re in development.

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