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Macgyver API Documentation

Macgyver hosts the largest library of machine learning algorithm programs.

Macgyver allows developers to incorporate state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms into their application with relative ease. Common tasks such as computer vision based facial recognition, nudity detection, natural language understanding are just a few of the programs we offer for developers to leverage.

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POSTGeneric Request
POSTGeneric Request

This template could be used to query any program model on the Macgyver platform. The "free" api key can be used for under 1,000 requests per hour. For higher volumes use a Macgyver public or private API key. Program ID specifies the macgyver program to use; these id's can be found on the macgyver website. The final parameter specifies the data to be analyzed by the program and is documented on the Macgyver website.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThis object contains the following list of information. Macgyver API Key: free can be used for low volume and testing purposes. For over 1,000 requests per hour use a Macgyver Public or Private API key. Macgyver Program ID: this identifies the program to query. Program Input Data: the text, image, or video data to be analyzed by the program.
Code Snippet
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{ "faces": [{ "x": 143, "y": 41, "width": 87, "height": 87 }, { "x": 87, "y": 48, "width": 81, "height": 81 }] }

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