Nudity Detection
By macgyverapi
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Nudity Detection API Documentation

Add a sophisticated nudity detection feature to your application with this algorithm.

This program evaluates an image and determines the probability that it contains nudity. Since nudity is a dynamic label the algorithm returns a percentage value true or false. Since applications may have different interpretation and levels of what they would consider nude you can simply set a threshold on your application before flagging the asset as containing nudity.

This model was built using Tensor Flow on a training data set and leverages machine learning.

This program works on grayscale images.

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POSTNudity Detection
POSTNudity Detection

This endpoint takes a reference to an image and returns a true or false probability estimation on wether or not the image contains nudity. This model will work on full color as well as gray scale images.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDProvide a reference to an image.
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{ "true": "0.977926", "false": "0.0220745" }

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